Organic in the heart of Milan

What’s organic about a hotel located in the heart of downtown Milan, a short distance from the railway station and the subway?

The heart, of course: the passion with which it was conceived, and the conviction that any small effort can make the world a better place.

The Biocity Hotel is situated in an early 1920’s Villa with a splendidly preserved façade whose interior was entirely restored in 2012.

Environmental ethics

Interior design and furnishings are simple and natural, all cleansing products and guest courtesy kit detergents are ecological. The hotel’s climate control is entirely run by a certified zero emission, energy efficient heat pump system.The environmental ethos of the Biocity Hotel is coupled with the latest technology: in-room wi-fi, 42” SMART TV, a single card key for all services on offer.

Who are we for?


For those who want a small, natural hotel to warm the soul and relax the body.


For business travellers who want a friendly, quiet hotel with all the amenities of an office.


For those travelling by train or airplane who wish to visit the city on foot, by bicycle or public transport.


For those who believe that respect for the environment can, and indeed should, be synonymous with comfort and modernity.


Temporarily Closed

Bistrot is a small and creative organic cuisine that offers simple and tasty meals, inspired by the principles of healthy Mediterranean diet with a clear preference for everything that comes from the plant world. At the BioGusto Bistrot we are convinced that a diet based mainly on vegetarian and vegan meals improves people’s wellbeing and at the same time contributes to improving the world in which we live.
The ingredients of our cuisine are
– from organic farming
– at kilometer zero
– fresh and high quality
– based on what the season offers


Respect for the environment has always been a guiding philosophy in our daily work, because our greatest desire is to make a contribution to improving the world. With this passion, we are committed to adopting behaviors and actions aimed at reducing the environmental impact of our business.
In keeping with this philosophy, the Biocity Hotel has chosen to adhere to the Ecolabel EU (the European Union’s ecological quality label), committing itself to meeting the requirements and submitting to the envisaged checks. Thanks to the measures taken, we are able to make a contribution to protecting the environment and offer our guests a stay as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

Specifically, here are the most important actions taken:

Environmental communication and invitation to the active participation of guests:
• Suggestions of itineraries to discover environmental, artistic, historical and gastronomic excellences;
• Information on the use of public transport, on bicycle rental, on-site parking for bicycles;
• Installation of information panels in the rooms on our environmental policy and on what guests can do to help reduce the negative impact on the environment, inviting guests to fill out a questionnaire and make suggestions.

Healthy and natural food
• The products offered to customers are oriented towards seasonality, organic and Km 0.

Saving water and energy
• Presence of a solar thermal system for the self-production of about 10% of the thermal energy requirement;
• The electricity purchased is certified and comes 100% from renewable sources;
• All spaces in the hotel are lit only with low energy light bulbs;
• Automatic light shut-off system when exiting the room;
• Heating and cooling is produced by efficient heat pump systems, optimized in use to obtain a result without waste;
• The customer can waive the daily change of linen, a small action that makes the difference.

Waste management
• Presence in the corridors of containers for separate waste collection by guests;
• To reduce plastic we offer customers water in reusable glass bottles and we have installed dispensers with ecological soaps instead of single-dose products.
Use of eco-sustainable products
• Almost all chemical products are eco-sustainable, the quantities used are reduced; paper products (toilet paper, office paper, napkins, rolls) are also eco-labelled.

Environmental performance monitoring
• The company has a collection system of the main environmental indicators relating to energy and water consumption, waste production, use of chemical products and use of linen in order to evaluate the environmental performance of the Biocity Hotel over time.